Life Insurance

Up to 80 years of age, regardless of gender, income level, or number of dependants, there is a suitable policy for your safety and protection needs.
Universal Life Insurance.
Most plans are valid until 100 years of age with premium payments limited to a specified period (e.g. 20 or 30 years). This kind of insurance allows you to accumulate values that may help you pay for the premiums after the selected period*. It may also help you have cash available in case of a crisis or for children’s college expenses*. Later in life, the values accumulated may be used for your enjoyment in this later phase in life*. This type of insurance also offers great payment flexibility.
*Will depend on the plan selected, age, and interest rates.
Term Life Insurance.
With this type of insurance, the premium corresponds solely to the insurance net cost, without accumulating values. However, it allows you to have an excellent protection level at a very affordable price during a 10, 15, 20 or 30 year period. This kind of insurance is perfect when your liquidity is low; when you have young children and are concerned about having resources to complete their education; or in case of sudden death. It is also great in case there is some financial liability due to a mortgage or business investment.
Simple: Some plans offer the option of turning it into a permanent insurance policy. You may choose an option of terminal illness endorsement, where the insured may receive part of the benefits in life.
With Return Of Premium (ROP): You may give your family full protection, and if at policy maturity you are alive, you may receive the money invested in premiums or use it to convert your insurance into a permanent one.
Terminal Illness Option
With some types of life insurance policies, there is an option for coverage in the case of a terminal illness. With this option, the policy would pay a percentage of the benefit in life and the remaining amount after death.
Life Insurance Quotes
Send us your information and we will quote you the most suitable life insurance policy for you. Your family’s future and your estate can be protected very easily.
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